"{My son} was so so sad when I told him he doesn't have a session with you for a while until football season is over. He asked if he can have one more session this Sunday to read with you, he would rather miss his football practice because there's no game this Sunday, just practice."

Parent, 7th Grader

Yes, READING beat out Football Practice!!!

"We love to hear ... any suggestions you have for how we can support (our child) (either directly or through advocacy with the school), and to also get any guidance you have on how to best parent (our child)... Some of these questions may more be "parenting" questions than anything else, but there's no one we trust more or who has a better finger on the pulse of (our child) than you."

Parent, 8th Grader

"So thankful to have Christine as a thought partner. Your insight to your students is incredibly helpful, especially while updating IEP goals."

Previous Special Education Director, Francophone Charter School of Oakland

"I wonder if we will have a picture of you and {our child} together at her graduation. I hope so."

Parent, 6th Grader

"Thank you for such a detailed assessment of our daughter's needs. You're assessment does reinforce that she's a pretty special person. :-) That's part of why I liked it so much, and why I gave you a testimonial-ready thank you. ;-) But you are clearly building important skills with her. We can't say that about all her educators. ;-)"

Parent, Third Grader

"Thank you for joining me during {my child's} IEP meeting yesterday. Honestly, it made me feel more comfortable. I really appreciate your help reviewing her goals and accommodations with us before the meeting. That really helped us understand what the school was trying to accomplish and where our goal for {our child} didn't quite align. Your presence at the meeting helped me clarify our goals with her school so we can all work together to get {my child} the support she needs.

Parent, 2nd Grader